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Recent Spam

Postby musicalfamilytree » Thu Dec 22, 2016 10:29 pm

Sorry to anyone who had email notifications (like us) set to the General Forum when there is a new post. Tonight we were spammed hard and got over 200 posts in the General forum filled with porn and malware links. I have removed all of the posts for now, banned the offending users by IP and have new user registration only to be approved by admin (instead of automatically)

Not many people are using this forum (definitely not on a regular basis) so we may soon shut the whole thing down for good until we rebuild the MFT site from the ground up. We appreciate everyone who has come in and chatted but we also feel like this forum hasn't met the needs of people who typically get their local music knowledge from social media or our blog.

Feel free to respond to this thread with your thoughts and ideas and we will use that information when we build the new site/forum.


-MFT Website Committee

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