Mash-up Show at Melody Inn!

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Mash-up Show at Melody Inn!

Postby ejeter » Thu Apr 07, 2016 5:54 pm

I'm excited to announce a new show series being launched in conjunction with Classical Music Indy at Melody Inn! The goal of this series is for each act to be a completely different genre of music so we can showcase Indiana's diversity of music and expose music lovers to bands they may never have found otherwise. MFT will be curating two sets per month, CMI will be curating a set and we are hoping the Indianapolis Jazz Foundation will hop on board and curate the fourth. Each set will be short, 15-20 minutes, so we can feature a number of diverse acts. And it's FREE! :mrgreen:

This event is going to be formally announced in the next couple weeks, but I wanted to discuss it here because we need a catchy name! Anyone have suggestions for how we might brand these shows? I'd love to get some input! Also, please send a message here or email me at if you might be interested in playing at one of these shows!

Thank you all!

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Re: Mash-up Show at Melody Inn!

Postby tawny_puters » Fri Apr 08, 2016 7:52 am

hello this is how i feel:


very excited
:?: #tybj :?:

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